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        our products

        Yaspeed’s big data products are designed and applied for financial industry, accuracy ,high stability.
        All Yaspeed’s financial business software are based on big data technology.

        Big Data Platform

        DataTurbines is a big data platform developed by Yaspeed It is a data query and processing product which can be applied to big data fields such as those seen in the finance and telecommunications sectors. The core technology is large-scale parallel computing.

        The Super query component (SQC) is the critical component of DataTurbines. SQC, with GPU high-performance parallel computing technology, enalbe high-speed data query. For a single-node environment, comparing with commercial RDBMS, it can speedup query by over 100 times. In the financial field, a typical application involves at least one billion annual transaction records across 100 million accounts for 50 million customers. In this scenario, SQC accelerate query speed by 450 times.

        DataTurbines integrates multiple SQCs . For example,each Tesla K40 has 2,880 computing units. The super-light thread switch enables thousands of th greads within the GPU to process parallel computing simultaneously. Each SQC node is equipped with at least one GPU to enable multi-GPU parallel computing inside of the node. The parallel computing can also be processed between the nodes, through the message mechanism. The three levels of parallel computing mentioned above enable a significant increase in query speed.

        Bank Credit System

        The latest technical structures within the new credit system bring a new generation of comprehensive service platform which is more process-oriented, regularized, standardized, and normalized. The system utilizes IBM ESB, BPM, and ODM as its core technologies, and was designed under the concept of “modularization,” “componentization,” and “servitization.” In terms of business functions, it can be divided into a few sub-systems, including a process operation system, a credit business management system, and a regulation and strategy system. These sub-systems are designed with the entire life-cycle of credit service in mind and are supported by other management modules.

        The credit business management system is a management analysis and decision-making support system which includes credit business operations and information processing. Yaspeed provides customers the systems, which adapt to existing credit business operation regulations, satisfiy the requirements of credit business management, and promote the future development of the credit management industry. Our company aims to build the credit business system into a prospective, open, easily maintainable, and simple management system. The system has been built and modified with the operational concept of bank credit work for modified business, and is based on the credit business operation process. In order to adapt to changes in the credit business management system, our bank credit system is operated based on databases and regulated under the rules of credit business management. The system supports and promotes new credit business philosophies, is adaptable to changes in loan management, and helps give senior managers the information they need to be more effective macro decision-makers.

        The system is designed with reference to the experience of mature, successful domestic and foreign banks as the standard, focusing on foresight and openness of design to ensure a leading position in China. The system can not only fully meet the requirements of the current credit business, but also fully considers future development with continuous, built-in compatibility and extensibility updates so as to maintain high sustainable development ability. The system can adapt to the future form and structure of credit operation management systems in the banks, and can adapt to major adjustments of the operation strategy or key operation focus within the banks. In order to prevent interest rate risk, liquidity risk, or relevance risk and realize the integration of rigid control and classification management, the system is based on large databases. It aims at improving credit asset quality and benefits and integrating authorization, credit granting, and credit assessment.

        CRM System

        Unlike traditional CRM systems for analysis or operation, Yaspeed‘s customer relation management system (CRM) is designed for the banking industry. By integrating the basic information and business transaction information of existing customers, the system aims at establishing a customer-centered CRM system based on customer segmentation to help users better maintain their customers and promote to targeted customers more accurately.

        The overall business framework concentrates on the CRM matrix, which is used to provide guidance on system building and implementation strategy. From a strategic perspective of enterprise, the requirements to the CRM system involve improving sales and services by subdividing customers and clarifying the business cycle for different customers. The system applies Hadoop distributed computing and GPU parallel computing methods to deal with big data processing and inquiry and significantly improve the processing and inquiry efficiency.

        Centralize Processing Center system

        Product Introduction
        The core design idea of the Centralize Processing Center system is serving customers efficiently, Its main goals:
        1、Integration of resources across departments and lines
        2、Centralized operations management
        3、Providing customers with one-stop integrated services

        Main Features
        1、Process standardization Using IBM BPM to develop visualization, templates, standardized, scalable, greatly improving efficiency.
        2、Enhanced risk control:Professional complexity, authenticity requirements, compliance requirements are higher business will be concentrated, so as to take operational risk under control.
        3、Batch automation process:The system processes automatically in batches to improve efficiency, lower expenditures, and increase the automation level of operation.
        4、Task differentiation process:The system established different process priorities based on different customer types, transaction types and the amount,ensure high-quality customer service.
        5、Intelligent monitoring: real-time monitoring of business conditions by way of graphics, reports, etc., such as business processing status, the number of personnel to deal with the task statistics and real-time status.
        6、Content management platform:Platform main functions: image acquisition, processing, display, storage, OCR, segmentation content entry and entry outsourcing management. The system can integrate sources vertically, improve the business process and customer experience, release the foreground, lower operation cost, effectively control risk, and increase business processing efficiency.

        ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

        Product Introduction
        Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a basic integrated platform for enterprise applications, services and information exchange between a large number of heterogeneous enterprise systems. It features a loose coupling mode to separate business’ application logic functions (business application, channel control, equipment/facilities management, etc.) from the system integration functions (integration focuses on protocol conversion, message identification and conversion, interface processing, routing, etc.), reduce the complexity of system interoperability, enhance cross-system, cross-organizational service interactive capability, allowing Enterprise to maximize the value of IT assets (good reusability), flexible and efficient response to changes in market demand business, It is the service-oriented ( SOA) foundation solutions.

        Main Features
        ESB mainly consists of four modules including core bus module, adapter module, monitoring and management module. The core bus is the control center, which dispatches all services, controls routing, and manages the consistency of service. Because there are core bus, so that ESB is not only just a simple bus technology, also it has a capability of business portfolio to support business innovation .The general architecture of the adapter is divided into a provider adapter and a requester adapter. XML/MQ is used for the interacting communication between ESB core bus and adapter.
        The provider adapter features a multi-threading mode. A group of threading continuously reads requests from the ESB core bus request queue. After packing, unpacking, encryption, decryption, screening, and logic processing of request information, the converted information is sent back to the response queue of ESB core bus.
        The requester adapter employs master control single-threading and read/write operation multi-threading. The master control threading is responsible for ensuring the TCP/IP port connecting with the client side. The read/write operation multi-threading is responsible for processing packing and unpacking logic. The service publication mainly registers service in the ESB platform, so that the research and maintenance departments work more efficiently. The monitoring and management platform is developed for ESB system, which provides a friendly WEB interface for the research and maintenance departments to handle configuration and management for the ESB system database sheet and part of the daily maintenance operation management.

        Marketing Sand Table System

        Product Introduction
        Marketing Sand Table System is a visual and multi-dimensional customer screening system which can quickly generate a list of targeted customers and facilitate accurate marketing. Matched with Yaspeed GPEE, Marketing Sand Table System can monitor promotion activity in real time, and perform post-management and absence assessment.

        Main Features
        Yaspeed’s Marketing Sand Table System, on the basis of traditional databases, utilizes large-scale parallel GPU technology to accelerate query speed so as to solve the query problem caused by large volumes of data and multiple relation dimensions. Compared with Oracle and DB2, speed is improved by 430 times. For example, where there are nearly 100 million pieces of customer records and 5,000 indicators for each customer, query speed for a single customer is within 100ms. Thus, query time is within 500ms in the condition of 1,000 concurrent users.
        The Marketing Sand Table System incorporates advanced and mature technology including J2EE, MVC, Portal, Portlet, cluster, HA, and GPU, among others and also supports new technologies like ajax and jqury. It provides work flow portal assembly that can be used immediately after being unpacked which can fully ensure the efficiency and continuity of the investment. The system also utilizes mature middleware and system integration technology, and fully applies cluster mechanism to eliminate single point breakdown and ensure high stability and accessibility of the system to ensure continuous, stable, 24/7 operation.

        Yaspeed Intelligent Service Robots: Xiaoya?

        Product Introduction
        Yaspeed Intelligent Service Robots: Xiaoya?It’s the intelligent robot product, which provides cloud service or embedded type customization for enterprise customers.

        Main Features
        Xiaoya? uses industry-leading natural language understanding technology and combines with a professional knowledgebase to in-depth understand the customers’ demands based on the reasoning and answering mechanism of the knowledge base. Xiaoya? also combines a business knowledge base to provide service and promote products to customers.
        Xiaoya? possesses super elevation performance-to-price ratio, 24/7 service, and unconditional obedience and loyalty to the employer. Matching with the business knowledge base of the enterprise, Xiaoya? surpasses the business ability of normal staff. It improves business ability through a continuous self-learning mechanism and realizes supplementary win-win between human and machine so as to provide highly comfortable and professional service to customers.

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